Local Experiences



Beloved Guests of Silver Moon,

We are always happy to have you onboard, taking you to the most beautiful bays of the Aegean, and serving you in the best way we can.

Though we wanted to add some more delights of the town of Bodrum, in case you would like to have a taste of these beauties on land during your visit.

Here are some of our choices and we will be more than happy to organize anything you like among them.



A hidden trattoria among the 6 acres of lemon and tangerine trees in Bitez. A place that makes you feel in the borders of Italy to taste the traditional Italian cuisine by the poolside.



Anything from the sea! This restaurant is a picturesque place that totally symbolizes Gumusluk – Bodrum.




Today Limon Cafe is a pretty cafe overlooking the antique city of Myndos in the village of Gümüşlük. This little place decorated in a relaxing style with wooden chairs and tables, sofas and big cushions lying invitingly on huge straw rugs, promises everlasting peace and comfort to its visitors. Such heaven you won’t want to move from your place. At Limon you will first catch the sight of the ancient ruins of the antique Myndos City below the most delicious sunset of the peninsula.


In the kitchen of Limon the most delicious dishes are prepared and cooked just for you. As in the Turkish proverb “you could eat your fingers”. You can also enjoy the famous homemade syrups and liqueurs, beautiful cocktails and special teas.





Karnas Vineyards is 10 minutes to the Milas Bodrum Airport and 25 minutes to the center. This vineyard is inside a village called Çömlekçi (Chomlekchi) and it is a family-owned business that produces wine and olive oil.


Turkish home cooking classes, foodie events in Bodrum, Bodrum private dining, Bodrum food and wine pairing events.

We can also ask this lovely lady to visit us on board for a day for a special cooking class on Turkish Cuisine.


By establishing a direct link with the weavers, Etrim Carpet does away with the middle man, allowing the artisans to earn what’s rightfully theirs.

If you like one of the carpets and want to make it yours, you are being sent the item you wish at your own address.